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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with MAC.BID. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact MAC.BID. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

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Developer: MacDiscount

E-Mail: [emailprotected]

Reported Issues: 15 Comments

2.8 out of 5

By David Lee Stohl

1 month ago

your website and app suck I'm going to finish my obligation and I'm done I've spent tens of thousands of dollars and you don't even have customer service.

By Scott

10 months ago

App not working when bidding is about to end. Frustrated

By Dona

11 months ago

Just want to know where items get transferred to from different locations. I got some outdoor cushions and wanted them transferred to Boardman but didn’t have that options, so how are you supposed to know where they are going to be transferred before bidding?

By Bidder19

1 year ago

I was bidding on two items at the Butler location yesterday - I was winning both items and watched the count down to zero as the winning bid. as the timer hit zero, the bid increased by $1 and the Snipe countdown did not increase the time. I lost both items. I also checked my email and I DID NOT receive a notification that I was outbid. Technically, I should have won both items. Also, you DO NOT have a link to customer service and there is no way to contact anyone regarding issues with the website.

By Darla Stepp

1 year ago

I was bidding on two items at the Butler location yesterday - I was winning both items and watched the count down to zero as the winning bid. as the timer hit zero, the bid increased by $1 and the Snipe countdown did not increase the time. I lost both items. I also checked my email and I DID NOT receive a notification that I was outbid. Technically, I should have won both items.

By Sandra Donda

1 year ago

I picked up a pair of Levi 505 jeans today that was not listed as damaged, but they were extremely worn, dirty, and torn. Does this happen often when purchasing clothing? I don’t want to continue to bid on clothing that belongs in a dumpster which is where these are going?

By Peggy Buettner

1 year ago

Bought a graco booster. I looked at the picture and it was in a sealed plastic bag so I assumed that the item had not been used. When I got it home it was missing the base and had no arms. What a rip off. I paid 21 dollars for this and if parts are missing it should be stated. I've shopped every week since they opened and it was great in the beginning but now its getting sloppy and items are being posted falsely. What you're seeing is not always what you're getting. Don't think it is worth my time to keep getting ripped off.

By Debra Theis

1 year ago

I bought an item and want the buyers assurance is it too late?

By Robert Vega

1 year ago

I never receive invoices anymore for the items I won. Can you please correct this issue?

By Robert Vega

1 year ago

I have won a number of items at the McKees Rocks location and Washington location. I have a credit card on file and never received notification that my credit card wasn't charged. Nor I am showing that I won absolutely nothing that closed on Friday, July 1st.Things went very smooth when I initially joined, yet now it seems so screwed up! Furthermore, one other day I thought I won more items that I was charged for. Can you fix my account as my email is correct and I don't think I am senile as of yet!

By Joey Sheppard

1 year ago

My father was there today to pick up my items. He provided my auction# 52381 and was only advised about the two blinds I purchased but no of the table that was purchased on 6/23/22. This table was to be picked up today or it was considered abandon. This item should not be considered abandon, as he was there today and was not provided advised about the table also. I know from when I have picked up my items in the past. All of my orders from all days are listed for pick up when I provide my auction#. He said the only items shown for pick up were the blinds. I still want my table that I won. I will have him come again tomorrow to collect.

By joshua deforno

1 year ago

i purchased a stationary bike from you guys and its smashed i got the warranty because ive been burned 2 other times i wanted to know what the next steps were and what the reimbursem*nt process was. do i get reimbursed the buyers premium and lot fees as well. im extremely dissatisfied with the last few purchases they claimed it was open box and that they are looked at but with todays purchase of this bike even ray Charles could have seen this thing was broken with little or no observation. and that no time was spent to make sure it was not shattered or anything. i will be returning this and done with mac bid i just havent recieved any indication that its worth the time and effort that has to be put in everytime a purchase is made.

By Izzy1912

Don’t do it

The app works fine, but buyer beware. Make sure that you understand that what you buy/win might not even work. I won an auction for a good paper shredder. It was listed as “open box”, not damaged. Got it home, and it doesn’t work. I notified them, and they told me I should have checked it at the pickup location, and they basically weren’t going to do anything. It had to be over 25 dollars (I paid 24 conveniently), and it had to be within 5 days of the auction (I had it shipped to a closer location for me, so it was past that window. Again, conveniently.) The original company couldn’t even help me, since I didn’t buy from them. They literally told me that it was junk when I described the problem to them (it would turn on, but wouldn’t make any noise or shred anything.) I get that it’s only 24 bucks. But I’m glad I didn’t spend hundreds on something, like one of their Roombas, for example. Could you imagine paying several hundred dollars, it not work, and you possibly be out all of that money. I’m just dissatisfied, and wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the stipulations of bidding/buying from them. At your own risk.

By Realperson#47

Latest app update is terrible.

The update will probably stop me from bidding.The app worked fine for the past year I’ve been using it. The newest update is basically a poor mobile version of their new website. It’s complete garbage to use. Search function is practically worthless and the simplistic design that allowed you to scroll quickly through items is now gone.If the app is terrible, I can’t find items. If I can’t find items, I can’t bid on them.Also, I have to agree with some other reviews I’ve seen. There’s a recent trend to list everything as “open box” when it’s clearly broken or missing components. Why have a “damaged” distinction if your “open box” also allows for damaged items?Take some time to inspect the items and be honest with the description. If you continually disappoint your customers, you won’t have repeat business. You might be doing fine now but the business won’t survive without repeat customers.My personal experience with M@C discount has been relatively good. I’ve gotten good deals on working items and only 1 or 2 small cost items that were broken or missing 70% of the contents (i.e. 2 out of 5 items in a set). I’d rate them as 4 stars if the newest app update was usable. But this is a rating of the app and it’s user experience.

By nursequeenk

Kayla Wozolek

Y’all skinny guy was very rude. Had a misunderstanding about unpaid item. Told me that I do not spend A lot of money there which this is my Second account Half of my items are broken I did not receive The email saying that my item was unpaid for I would never bid on something if I can not pay for it it was a misunderstanding i’m a loyal customer but he treated me like crap I even proved it that I did not receive the email he could’ve been more understanding and gave me a chance and said next time I won’t have a chance to pay this is bad customer service I have never been talked to like that buy a employee anywhere before. Accidents and mistakes happen it’s a part of life I am human . Have some understanding. I’m a nurse I work long hours and don’t have time for this rudeness especially as a LOYAL CUSTOMER

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How do I contact Mac Bid? ›

Phone: (412) 200-5207.

Can you back out of a bid on Mac bid? ›

Bidding - By placing a bid in an auction, you are extending an irrevocable offer to purchase the items at the price set forth in the bid. Once entered, a bid may not be retracted.

What happens when you win a Mac bid? ›

Winning Bid - The Buyer that entered the Winning Bid will consummate the purchase of the item within the time specified in the terms and conditions for the Selling Event. Unless stated in the specific terms and conditions for a Selling Event, all Goods will be immediately charged to the User credit card on file.

Who owns Mac Bid? ›

Meet Kellen Campbell and Shawn Allen, the folks behind the vast array of after-market auctions available at M@C Discount!

Where does the stuff on Mac bid come from? ›

At MAC.BID we buy returned and overstocked goods from top retailers and sell them in online auctions.

What is a lot fee on a Mac bid? ›

Are there any fees? Yes, our normal 15% Buyer Premium and $3 per lot fees will be applied to your invoice. Bid accordingly! 12 PM‑6 PM. 12 PM‑8 PM.

Can I cancel a bid as a buyer? ›

If the listing ends in under 12 hours, you can retract your most recent bid, but only if it's been less than an hour since you placed it. If you are outside that time frame, your best bet is to communicate directly with the seller and persuade them to cancel your bid at their end.

How long do you have to retract a bid? ›

When you can retract a bid. You can retract a bid if (Note: these options are only applicable for up to 1 hour after making the bid when the listing is ending in less than 12 hours): The seller significantly changed the description of the item. You accidentally bid the wrong amount.

Can you cancel a bid listing? ›

Yes, you may end the listing by cancelling all bids. You may be charged a final value fee based on the amount of the highest bid, or you may sell the item to the highest bidder. If your listing isn't eligible to be ended early, you can contact any bidders to explain the situation and ask them to retract their bids.

What happens if you win a bid but don't want it? ›

By bidding on an item, you obligate yourself to pay for the item if you win it, even if you decide you no longer want it. Only bid on items you are serious about purchasing.

How long after winning a bid do I have to pay? ›

Buyers must pay for the items they purchase on eBay within 4 calendar days. If the buyer doesn't pay within this timeframe, the seller can cancel the order and an unpaid cancellation will be recorded on the buyer's account.

Do I have to buy the item if I win the bid? ›

Consequences for Failing to Pay a Winning Bid

If you win something at an auction, you are legally bound to pay the agreed price once the hammer falls.

Does Mac Bid have an app? ›

It's easy to use the app to get in and out of the stores too. I have only had really nice experiences with the employees. They explain everything so one can understand how it all works. The only negative I can say about the business is I wish sometimes there were better pictures of the items up for bid.

What is Mac Bid Yinz Binz? ›

Regular MAC. BID locations have auctions online, and the stores serve as a place where customers can pick up their items, while the Yinz Binz locations take a different approach. New products are brought into the Yinz Binz location each week, with prices changing depending on the day of the week.

How do I contact Cigar bid? ›

Simply, contact Customer Service or call 1-800-830-4590 and our team of customer service representatives will guide you through our easy return process. Please note that returns take 3-10 business days from receiving a return to process.

How do I email BidFTA? ›

The best email to contact BidFTA is

Where are Mac bid locations? ›

  • Robinson. 800 Vista Park Drive, Pittsburgh, PA. ...
  • Pittsburgh Mills. 590 Pittsburgh Mills Circle, Tarentum, PA. ...
  • Monroeville. 4680 Old William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA. ...
  • Butler - Yinz Binz. 210 Greater Butler Mart, Butler, PA. ...
  • Butler. 360 Greater Butler Mart, Butler, PA. ...
  • Warren. 1400 Front St SW, Warren, OH. ...
  • Canton. ...
  • Boardman.

How do I email Encore Auctions? ›

Contact Encore Auctions Support

Please email for any questions or support. We aim to reply to all emails within 48 hours.


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