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Fun, fishing, clear blue water, animals, and lots of nature. That is what Bluegabe will offer you in his videos. He enjoys being out and doing everything manually. He’s got the knack for being active and quick. He knows what the viewers want and does that.

The 40-year-old loves nature. He loves everything related to outdoor life. His jest and lively videos bring a lot of joy to the viewers. If you too enjoy the adventurous lifestyle, then Bluegabe is the guy for you.

Who is Bluegabe?

The American YouTuber Bluegabe, who specializes in the lifestyle specialty, has gained a sizable fan base. On the channel Bluegabe, there is a playlist of videos dedicated to the following categories: Pet, Food, Hobby, and Lifestyle.

Thanks to his channel, he shows his active lifestyle and much more. His fun and active lifestyle includes lots of adventure. He has a friendly personality and interacts well with his fans, which brought him lots of attention.

Real NameGabriel Arrington
Net Worth$500000
Birth placeUSA
Age40 years
Instagram Click Here


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Did Bluegabe and Kelly Really Break Up? » Amazfeed (1)

Who is Kelly Young?

Kelly Young is a YouTuber well-known for sharing videos on outdoor adventures, travel, diving, and fishing. Her vocation was professional shark diving. In 2015, she started her channel. In one of her first videos, she is shown feeding tarpon by hand while sharks surround her.

Kelly Young, however, became a fishing enthusiast’s lighthouse, channeling a combination of watery exploration and everyday pleasures. She has 340k subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Did Bluegabe and Kelly Really Break Up? » Amazfeed (2)
NameKelly Young
BornAugust 29, 1984
Age27 Years
Birth PlaceHong Kong
Styleyoung adult fiction,children’s literature
IMDBClick Here
WikipediaClick Here
InstagramClick Here

Kelly Young: Income

Kelly has her fair share of fame and earnings. With a popular channel and good content, Kelly has managed to earn a good income.

Her precise number of views overall is 65,658,500. Based on these figures, her total views would be 656,585. Her average net worth would be about $80,103,370.

Kelly makes about $184,272 a year and has over 103K Instagram followers. Her combined average revenue from both her Instagram and YouTube accounts would be $80,287,642. Her average net worth daily is $219,966, while her average net worth on a monthly and weekly basis is $6,690,636 and $15,43,993, respectively.

Both Bluegabe and Kelly Young, have similar tastes in their work and lifestyles. This would explain why both dated. Their compatibility was seen in the videos where they traveled and were engrossed in their favorite activities.


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Did Bluegabe and Kelly Really Break Up? » Amazfeed (3)

Bluegabe Career

He has gained notoriety after his videos displaying his personality, comedy, and inventiveness went viral. You may also watch films about hunting, fishing excursions, daily living, and other related topics on his channel.

Thanks to his skills, the fun-loving man has gained a lot of popularity on YouTube and a large following.

He joined YouTube on the 8th of May, 2021, and since then has managed to gain a notable amount of subscribers, 580k plus.

He is a fun-loving man who has attracted many viewers to his channel. As he is skilled in many things, people can’t help but be impressed. His creative and interactive personality keeps the audience engaged in his videos.

How Did Bluegabe Get Famous?

As an aquatic life enthusiast, Bluegabe started to post daily vlogs about his life. His authentic personality and humor brought him views from curious watchers. as a result of the popularity of his viral films showcasing his charm, wit, and creativity.

You can also find videos on his channel that feature hunting, fishing trips, daily life films, and other similar videos. The community that loves outdoor activity enjoys Bluegabe’s adventurous lifestyle.

Family Background and Personal Life

Gabriel Arrington popularly known by the nickname Bluegabe, is an American YouTuber. He is one of the highest-paid YouTubers, based on his bio, and as such, he is attracting a sizable following on numerous social networking sites.

Having fun and being talented, he has managed to gain a lot of followers on YouTube since his content is enjoyable to watch. He is 40 years old, lives in the USA, and has two sons, who occasionally make appearances in his videos along with Kelly.


Gabriel Arrington is a married man, but there is no information about who his wife is. He has never publicly addressed his marriage or mentioned her.

Bluegabe and Kelly both travel together and share a liking of similar hobbies. We can see their relationship through the videos that have been posted on the channel.

Did Bluegabe and Kelly Really Break Up? » Amazfeed (4)

Is Bluegabe Dating Kelly?

Yes, Bluegabe and Kelly Young dated. But judging from the videos with the absence of Kelly it is assumed by the followers that both have parted ways. The break-up wasn’t made public and there is no other information available.


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Bluegabe And Kelly Young’s Break Up Explained

The once-inseparable pair appeared to fade apart in December 2022. Once a canvas displaying their common travels, Bluegabe’s movies gradually started to depict a different picture. The reasons behind their breakup are still a mystery.

The internet world, full of conjecture, considered several scenarios. It is a collision of tides in their professional travels or a difference in their personal goals.

Whatever the reason, their split, like a stone thrown into a pond, caused ripples that went beyond their personal lives. The ripples of this transformation were felt by their fans who had traveled with them.

Some internal disputes or mere mutual break-ups may have led to the fallout of their relationship. Sometimes things don’t last long no matter how perfect they seem at the start. Both continue to post on their respective channels.

Bluegabe Nominations and Awards

There is a video where Bluegabe mentions winning an award at an outdoor show but there isn’t much to go about. Aside from that there is no other information regarding him winning awards.

Bluegabe Net worth 2024

Estimated Networth: 500,000

With a popular YouTube channel, Bluegabe earns a lot from the channel. As the channel brings him a profit, the revenue collected through the videos including the ads is estimated at around ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

These profits are sourced from Bluegabe. Having said that, Bluegabe earns approximately $120,000 annually.

Did Bluegabe and Kelly Really Break Up? » Amazfeed (2024)


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