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favourite holidays for for july i love this country as their people in this country who sacrificed for the freedoms we have so that we can enjoy such wonderful for for july they have challenges in the united states of america you know what they'll is figure them out. america smart. they take those difficult times and overcome them. remember those men and women serving overseas or not with families they are out protecting our country. may god bless them and may god bless the united states thank you for being with us. greg gutfeld is up next you will get a great smile from that. [ ♪♪ ]

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>> okay tomorrow is july 4th and president biden is already celebrating. and dc politicians are enjoying barbecues many roasting hot dogs in jerry nadler's pants. with the fourth upon us it's time for than nathan's hot dog eating contest. thankfully they have a good replacement for joey chestnut.

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after biden's disastrous debate the first lady was on the vote biden had his own postdebate photo shoot. biden is having a pretaped interview with george stephanopoulos so weak and stupid that joe will go easy on him. shorter than me. many democrats hoping biden will be replaced with youngblood in the race prompting 1 tendered to get a transfusion from local orphans. bad news for gavin newsom recently it surfaced he dated

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19-year-old at 31 had an affair with a campaign staffer or as hunter biden calls it amateur hour. right now democrats seem more confused than ill han omar on their wedding night. the democrats trying to figure out what just happened. the 40% of america who are on the left apparently believe that behind closed doors joe biden a sharp engaged and commanding. take it from this democratic senator a few weeks ago. >> those of us who serve with biden who know him who have had the opportunity up close in person in meetings in the white house or events publicly or privately to give affirmation that he is sharp engaged and commanding. >> greg: right i'm favoured to win the world's ugliest man contest man did they get a rude

7:04 pm

awakening. worse than a wet and i asked taylor swift to leave before breakfast. it turns out joe is that a sharp as a blob of jell-o and half as sturdy. the rest of us have a few questions of her own number 1 erected at the media who claim to be shocked by biden's dementia are you kidding me by the way the same question biden's pants ask every day. i'm joking pants can't talk. but the idea of the media shocked seems i can other cover the same people who told us joe is about to get his black belt in brazilian jujitsu now expect us to believe they had no idea joe had the brain matter.

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what we want to know is number 1 who orchestrated the scam. who put out the talking points telling us that joe was fdr when he was really doa. suddenly they are all on the same page is that the media so far behind the rest of us they come off as clueless bubblewrap to lapdogs. or if they shifted to covering up the covering up circling the wagons around the crime scene they helped create. >> it's not honest to say this is just 1 night. there been moments like this that people are seen in front of the cameras and other moments without the cameras. >> doubts of whether he can do it and whether he can govern another 4 years are still stubborn. doubts expressed both public and in private including among some of the most consequential supporters of any campaign the major donors.

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>> president and his advisers are in damage control after the disastrous debate last week. >> greg: some great acting they make darren from bewitched looked like lawrence olivier. clearly somebody was keeping check of he is fitness under wraps for a while they hoped biden would survive the debate but he didn't remember first joe was just fine then it was cheap fakes then he had a cold now he's tired from too much travel. travel to happen 10 days before the debate maybe it's along covid, polio, bird flu, a bolo although i thought viruses needed a living host but i haven't heard this many excuses since my assistant accidentally booked me in coach. enjoy unemployment sister. so if it's a cover-up of the cover-up than who is been running the long con is a joe biden d&c executives at major

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networks. rachel maddow is barber? they'll have more blood on their hands than a vampire with the shakes. are the bosses of these corporate press outlets demanding from their employees answers as to why they missed the biggest story of their lives more likely are those bosses responsible for the talking points. could it be exposing a democrat president doesn't win any big awards. but chasing trump around 24/7 that does. another pesky question now that the entire nation seas job's condition shouldn't we demand to know who is been running the country. it's not him. hasn't been for a while. that whole farm couldn't run it's own bath. as some democrats saying everything's fine. that's a tell as well that they

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know biden isn't in church for some time. so who's behind the curtain made the call on the afghanistan polo leaving billions of lethal advanced weaponry with the taliban. who really approved the student loan bailouts and weapon ice the justice system and who the heck has been running the border. you could say joe is in charge because only a mentally ill person could agree to all of that except here's the rub if somebody has lost their faculties they might have nonsense in their brain but they have no way to act on it. the counterargument you hear when somebody pleads insanity. the act of murder could have been insane but the planning wasn't. my last question is will we ever know the real answer to anything the washington media complex will they create another hoax to keep us busy week think about all the major hoaxes.

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97% climb experts in glee disagreeing global warming is man-made calling the russian laptop disinformation how many were initiated and organized by the same kind of people. who did that to you. as has let's go to tonight's guests. >> they say you are what you eat so i guess he's been eating a bunch of divorce losers actor writer and comedian. they've cooked up some zingers tonight hopefully doesn't eat them before they start as she is like a firecracker as near times

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best-selling author and contributor to kat timpf. as they need no introduction. new york times best-selling author and and debbie a world heavy weight champion tyrus. as jamie he looks at his usual as is a bigger cover-up than your ex-wife sleeping with the younger man taking all your belongings. >> i thought a lot of people didn't know about the biden thing. has a got exposed almost for anybody surprised with the debate of it with day to day activities saying sources say he's slipping these are reliable sources as everyone's eyes and ears they saw promise debate

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they got a little tweet that said looking for donations even a dollar would help if you can don't worry about it the biting campaign said they are looking for donations, looking for a brain and 2 working legs. >> greg: that's funny. he's older great. >> is really old v-neck are you going to donate? >> it was thinking about it. >> if you're going to donate then you should donate to the red cross. not joe biden. and out claiming the travel schedule. and go anywhere for 12 days. every time they make an excuse they are insulting us. you look fantastic especially compared to joe. >> he walked into that 1.

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>> you note look fantastic i've been working out and i have never been divorced all take that. >> hold on their pilgrim you have to be in the game first. >> that 1 didn't go as i hoped. >> i'm 0-1 you were 0-0. >> them out of the fight. >> you're a coach's decision did not play. >> this is going worse than the debate did for biden. here's the thing right they are doing exactly what they should be doing when you are caught lying you have to pretend like you didn't know or they will know that you are lying. that is step number 4 in my upcoming book how to lie convincingly by a joe davita.

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there's other steps right you have to do as well what really helps is that if the person you are lying about isn't under much public scrutiny all the time and 2 when you live out someone you need to make the necessary changes in your life. if you so you can't keep up with biden you also have to include a very pronounced limp. >> that's right they should have just started walking weird like i can't keep up with them i have a limp. >> i'm great at faking sick to get out of work with the cough and the cold rate out i think i said too much. >> greg: so this was the exhead of the new york times a ruinous -- he blessed the media

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for dissipating a massive cover-up over the biden declined that's the former head of the new york times' maybe this will be a bigger story than just me ranting at 20 million people smattering of applause there. >> a real popular in the corner there. >> i think it should be especially because it's not like the information was impossible to find they were choosing to not show it there videos that are been on this channel all the time. now the fact there are people still saying now he sharpen this and that but nobody ever ask like that as a one-off. that's not a one-off behaviour whether it's mental decline do to age or somebody is really messed up on drugs is not the first time the person did those

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drugs. that is late stage something behaviour. doesn't need to be taken out of context either. of the debate is something every but he saw all debate start to finish all the context is there. i am not asking this is a rhetorical question i want to know how you could go out there and say that. how you could go out there and say this is all fine. i don't understand how you can do that because people now have seen it. >> what would it take for them. like would he eat need it to eat somebody's face like a bad drug trip where he just takes a [ bleep ] on stage or something. like oh, he had bad sushi on the bus ride over here. >> at this point i think people ago just because he's dead doesn't mean he has to resign.

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>> right-wing media making big bounces. >> right-wing media pounces on presidents corpse how dare they. >> the teleprompters said [ bleep ] themselves. >> if you are new to this world doesn't make you question all the other hoaxes and coverups you can't trust anybody in power as he's laid the tracks talking to the other side saying goes in the building with winston churchill and the step down they do die and they it lay the tracks.

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and listen. we know they've been, fished the answer is yes. >> it is, fished by me. shame on him. has as its made. remember when we were saying nobody believes this this is what happens when you're, fished what happens is when they get caught. even with the cameras and the experts. 3 months later he said his video wasn't working so like oh, i'm

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>> it's a video of the day. [ ♪♪ ] >> only trump had the balls to look at housecalls. we had stayed still recently

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interviewed congressman wesley hunt and they shared some of the most amazing stories trump. >> oh tell but my favourite president trump story. as we were negotiating with the taliban when trump was president wanting to get out of afghanistan wanted a conditions-based withdrawal. doing what they tell you to do pulling things slowly as they abide by the rules. and mike pompeo there as they looked at the taliban leader as they wanted to leave afghanistan with it being a conditions-based withdrawal and if you harm here on a single american i want to kill you. and the translator goes and

7:24 pm

trump goes with that. so tell them what i said. the pulled out a satellite photo the liard the taliban's home he gone the phone and walked out the room. and they figure how to motivate people has his most potent weapon is threatening to sit near you after downing a plate of prunes. so when you hear that story how do you not. >> gives me tingles in my man parts rap kennedy just kidding listen goes back to the same thing comes down to what is your choice.

7:25 pm

trump comes in here's the gangster part the part every man needs to have in his life when you put down the ultimatum and know you don't have to wait for an answer here it is in you walk out. the guy at the table is going okay and his advisors alike you tell me it's your house not mine. or i wonder if you can help me out with something is this my home? i'm going to go if the other 1. >> i had 1 of those moments that an appliance story said i do not like that kind of handle gf something and beige just blew his mind. >> i just don't believe you are that assertive. >> my would i be at a flag store.

7:26 pm

as a half a veteran that must warm your heart to say somebody victory gives a flying [ bleep ] about saving lives. >> what the biden administration did here just makes me angry because admittedly they want to get out with the symbolic victory on the anniversary of the 9/11 tat attacks they admit things were rest because of that so basically literally people died for a symbolic victory a selfish political reason it's gross and i can't think about it without wanting to throw up. >> me don't want you to do that not here but later on our live chat. >> you have to pay to see that. joe you're 1 of the foremost experts in mass google entity wherein the spectrum of 1 being jamie to 10 being you.

7:27 pm

where does that amazing anecdote fall? >> an 8.5 in john del toro range there. trump was great at dealing with foreign adversaries in his first term the problem was he dealt with domestic adversaries in his first term by putting them in his cabinet. the good thing about trump is that when they messed up he fired them. joe biden wouldn't fire anybody when the disaster of the collapse in afghanistan happened instead of apologizing and firing people the problem was it wasn't supposed to be an evacuation. it's like saying the titanic was a success because they made a movie about it like oh, you guys are going to go down all right,

7:28 pm

in history. [ cheering and applause ] >> jamie during your divorce did your wife show up with a picture of the house and it just handed to you and say i'm taking that. >> she went i'm taking that and also that's not you. [ laughter ] >> by the way little frustrating for me because trump does this whole picture think he's a hero i do it once on the first day and i'm the problem. she goes after get home and i'm like i know but i've got a picture for you first. there's a similar story here. where is negotiating with the taliban takes a card out of his pocket and it says could you please rate down who you are what we are doing here and give it back to me.

7:29 pm

>> while we had the conversation me figure it out why it went so bad. they were gonna let his plan work so they did plan b which is let's just get out because he laid it out for them to play it out the taliban guy wasn't like well trump so we don't have to worry about that anymore he's like know we do it this way. just undo trump. >> greg: on that note conspiracy not streamed that joe was hit by an energy beam ...or crab cracking, you're cashbacking. cashback on flapjacks, baby backs, or tacos at the taco shack. nah, i'm working on my six pack. switch to a king suite- or book a silent retreat. silent retreat? hold up - yeeerp? i can't talk right now, i'm at a silent retreat. cashback on everything you buy with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ imagine a future where plastic is not wasted...

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>> historian 5 words. biden sat by energy weapon. conspiracy theorists are pushing a erie online that before the debate biden was hit with an energy weapon that gave him a vannis syndrome which is that mysterious illness several u.s. officials claimed to have gotten

7:34 pm

while stationed overseas the past decade. is this a plausible erie. >> how long before the debate, 8 years maybe as a fan of conspiracy theories and a fan of death phrase this is the port disappointing on all fronts. >> your deaf already what is a do it make people tired and nauseous and gives them a headache and simple to -- similar to what i have the fate something that spoiled a good conspiracy erie is something like bigfoot where there is a monster who lives and he really likes his privacy. >> everyone knows that when his name is tyrus. >> cat i think this is a great excuse for any time he screwed up if you don't do well on stage or tv you say oh i was out by an energy weapon pulled over for

7:35 pm

speeding sorry officer energy weapon you know you have a problem in bed energy weapon. guys you know what i'm talking about. [ laughter ] >> their ego would you use it? >> a great excuse for literally everybody but him like you are the president white is your administration not have these energy weapons under control like you're literally the 1 person who could get plain for that if that was actually happening it's not obviously but who out who bought the president should be handling it. rev and also the great excuse but as insane as it is not even an excuse for you it just sounds like about right for joe biden's american. >> the only energy problem they had was when they plugged in the microphone they never should have done that. so jamie you find this a

7:36 pm

plausible reason. >> shows how bad the debate went right this is the excuse think about how terrifying it is if you thing about the fact that joe biden was it was some brain damage thing to an was more terrifying if he wasn't hit by a brain damage causing reagan like it's not a good excuse. it's like being in bed and sing out i got hit with a limp penis array. like you're admitting that. >> it's bad if you have to rely on that. >> wait a minute i don't like the face he made about him getting hit with that. for penis shaped shrinking already you want to apologize now or. >> i can't talk about it. >> i like how they tied it back

7:37 pm

to russia and putin like somehow it's russia controlling the reagan. >> first of all your old childish this 1000 percent happened obviously. i hate to see it happen when this terroristic group it's not just him it happens to americans all over the country all the time. the ft group it sucks. you guys are familiar with own know it's fft sorry it's called father [ bleep ] time. >> greg: creeps up on you. coming up as the left falls aparizit stormy tries to sound smart. clearer skin at 4 months. and skyrizi is just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine, or plan to. with skyrizi, nothing on my skin means everything!

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♪ we've got another clip for you ♪ ♪ it's a video of the day part 2 >> can rachel get biden over the hump with stormy bashing trump

7:42 pm

she made a living on her back now she and maddow attack. rachel decides to bore me by interviewing stormy. why do we have 3 intros her second video the day comes to us from rachel maddow and stormy daniels. during the biggest political story in decades msnbc decides to do this. you want me to drag me about what that looks like don't think for a second i wish there was something which it a birthmark that looked like the state of texas or a funny looking mole. that's the only thing that brucie did take his clothes off in front of me. you know as well as i do that i was lying he would whipped his junk out a long time ago. >> she seems hoarse. but if trump did have a birthmark that looked like the state of texas would be the biggest most beautiful birthmark

7:43 pm

in the history of birthmarks that looked like the state of texas later be relevant guys who are you going to interview tomorrow octo mom read the room when your political work world is collapsing maybe now is not the time for. it's like a passenger on the titanic win it stinking deciding to check the buffet. 2 to tannic trips. cat as the only woman on the panel aside from jamie. now that would wasn't worth it. >> do we have to laugh? >> what you think of stormy daniels coming on in doing this? >> of course she's going to. you can't falter for doing it what else is she going to do. of course she will come on and talk about this. at the same time i wouldn't fall to trump for this pulling out

7:44 pm

his genitals or whatever. nudes for free not in this economy. >> you don't have to no no no. how relevant are they looking right now. just such a sad pivot away from what's happening. >> i just don't understand i try to think about how they played this but there's no rhyme or reason to. this is a flirt session like rachel 1 point goes is this weird or you she's like i've done. then did this laugh we've never seen before and through her hair back even though she didn't have any. and she is the same vested interest as a straightman would doing this interview but if a man was doing this asking questions about this wears me to why are you bringing her into do

7:45 pm

this i don't understand how it's okay. >> it was matt lauer they would have a problem. >> the other thing stormy is so unimportant she literally said talking about trump taking out his junk you know what i'm talking about no rachel doesn't. >> jamie seems to me rachel is not thinking straight if she thinks this is the kind of thing you should devote hours to during the fall of your president months before an election. >> i devoted hours to watching this video so. >> a lot of weird things like rooster will for like junk is pretty derogatory as a derogatory term for a dick. by the way she said he could

7:46 pm

pull out his junk and solves everything i haven't had that experience. every time i pulled out my junket just creates problem's. at the beginning of the interview she says surprised you agreed to this. like her auto replies says i will take it. she will do anything are you kidding me. i have to tell you more thing because it happened on your show and maybe this isn't true but for a long time she had these black glasses on and i came in your show and calls for nonbinary harry potter and i said she would like reporter if he had a sorcerer stones removed and then she stopped wearing glasses the next day i'm not saying it's what happened but it could be what happened. >> greg: i mean you changed her. less where do you joe does it bother you she's not interested any wheat. >> i turned her down i don't know what you heard.

7:47 pm

>> she thought you were a lesbian probably. to easy. >> lesbians wish. >> what a time to be alive. imagine what bill clinton thinks now people are hoping the president takes his penis out in court. it was great to see somebody on her showed that faked something that wasn't russia gate. we can do more i guess. my favourite part was when stormy said she was a registered republican and that made me think glad liz cheney never made a p*rno. dick cheney would've shot himself in the face. >> greg: on that note up next local news will delight.

7:48 pm

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here's why you should switch fo to duckduckgo on all your devie duckduckgo comes with a built-n engine like google, but it's pi and doesn't spy on your searchs and duckduckgo lets you browse like chrome, but it blocks cooi and creepy ads that follow youa from google and other companie. and there's no catch. it's fre. we make money from ads, but they don't follow you aroud join the millions of people taking back their privacy by downloading duckduckgo on all your devices today. >> coast to coast with stories that matter most you are watching local news with kelly crystal kelly, chet van janssen got replaced because he died. here's kelly.

7:52 pm

[ cheering and applause ] >> i'm kelly crystal kelly we share stories from where we are from. joke? >> you read a story about pennsylvania experiencing adhd barely it's a big problem benzodiazepine sir in short supply bunch of drugs in short supply. a lot of it does with regulation we're depending on foreign supplies and nobody's addressing it and they are hoping we forget about. [ laughter ] >> i see what you did there. jamie? >> north pole, alaska not the north pole but it's 45 minutes from my place in fairbanks and they had city council really

7:53 pm

angry at this guy because it's basically christmas all year there the town of christmas tree's and he was putting up candy cane lamp posts which is par for the course for this awful place that i hate and made 40-foot tall ones instead of 24 feet tall so went way over budget so where you tone the story it's so boring what happens next is the go why did you spend so much wise over budget and he responded by saying the last 8 months i had 3 concussions and i don't remember signing. i feel this is the new reagan excuse i'm just gonna tell people that. his exact quote is without saying i'm sorry about this he just says 3 concussions and 8 months pretty bad sorry about that that was his response so now he's no longer mayor and they are suggesting he run for president now.

7:54 pm

>> if you like after concussion number 2 it will it's a lifestyle choice at that point greg? >> greg: i'm from california san mateo county which is had a 70% increase in homelessness since 2017. so the supreme court has a ruling that gives cities latitude to force more penalties on the homeless but san mateo county is basically just like we are good. they won't do [ bleep ] for their unhoused. they call them unhoused individuals and they let them keep their encampments which leads to an increase in infectious disease, rape, regular assault, death and murder. it lacks compassion if you actually move these people out of the street. i find it that sat. san mateo used to be so wonderful now not so much. it was a nice place.

7:55 pm

>> let's turn things around. the comedian in me wanted to make a joke and the father in me didn't saying know 1 day they will see this when you were in a wheelchair. so i keep waiting for my sins in the past to bite me in the ass but apparently it's not going to happen it seems. so my son has been playing travelling base ball keeps gain picked up by teams they were playing for the florida state championship they started the video early whatever. so it was 7-7 top of the seventh and he hits a walk off 3 run shot to put his team ahead. for that now they were down 1 and he hit a walkoff homerun to

7:56 pm

get them into the championship game so his friends are cheering and screaming the other team came up got 2 out straightaway the picture walked 1, a passed ball, bunch of other stuff going on and then they lost the other team 1 and my son was cry and try to calm him down is like him so upset and he's like -- and i'm like sunday did so well he's like dad none of that matters my team lost i stepped back and went wow i'm such a good dad. >> don't go away we will be right back. say we will. which is why we were voted america's #1 container moving company. book your move today at

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i still love to surf, snowboard, and, of course, skate. so, i take qunol magnesium to support my muscle and bone health. qunol's extra strength, high absorption magnesium helps me get the full benefits of magnesium. qunol, the brand i trust. out of time, thank you to our guests, our studio audience, "fox news @ night" with trace gallagher, i love you, america. >> trace: good evening, i'm in for trace gallagher. 11:00 pm on the east coast, 8:00 in los ang

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