M@C Discount, Local Online Auction, Offers Deeply Discounted Merchandise – Ellwood City, PA news (2024)

Going once, going twice, SOLD!

M@C Discount is an online bidding platform where users from the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas can place bids and the highest bidder wins.

The newest location at 6800 Big Beaver Boulevard, Rt 18, Beaver Falls opened in July and has been helping bidders find deals since the doors opened.

The concept is pretty simple. Big box retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Kohl’s, Lowes, and others receive tons of returns and overstock other items. There has to be a place for these items to go. Look no further than M@C Discount. At M@C Discount, everyday consumers can receive up to 80% off the retail price on thousands of items, ranging from big-ticket electronics, power tools, home décor, exercise equipment, and sporting goods to everyday household and pantry items.

One customer in the Beaver Falls location said he got a Weber Grill that retailed at $600 for $75.

“The grill was perfect,” he said. “It was just missing a ten-cent pin.”

Beaver Falls isn’t the only M@C Discount location. There are also warehouses in Washington, McKees Rocks, and Butler. Future locations are planned for Pittsburgh Mills and West Mifflin.

Bidders don’t have to only bid on the items at their local location, if a bidder in Beaver Falls finds something they have to have on the Butler site, they are welcome to take a chance on that item as items are transferrable from one location to another by paying a fee.

How do the auctions work?

M@C Discount posts thousands of new auction items daily with a starting bid of $1 and a posted closing time of 6 p.m. or later. Auction items can be viewed here.

Bidders are required to create an account and add a payment method (credit or debit card) that will be charged for winning auctions.

Each item has its own clock to alert you of the time in that particular auction. If a higher bid is placed when there is less than 2 minutes left, the clock is reset for another 2 minutes and continues that cycle as long as active bidding is taking place.

When you win an auction, you have three business days after the close of an auction to pick up your item at the warehouse location it is located.

Any items remaining after that date will be considered abandoned and no refunds will be issued.

There are also memberships:

  • For $29.99 per month bidders can get a basic membership which includes: 1 Returned Item/Month, Extended Removal Hours, (The following excludes Big Box items. Unlimited Free Transfers, Automatic Holds, Automatic Transfers)
  • For $59.99 per month bidders can get a gold membership, which includes everything in basic plus and additional monthly (2 total) and Big Box Holds (No transfers on Big Box items).

How do you know the condition of the items?

Manager of the Beaver Falls location said the most vital part of the process is inspection of items.

“Please, please, please inspect any items you are interested in prior to bidding,” he said. “It’s a bidder’s responsibility for due diligence.”

He said there are three categories for condition of items: Like New, Open Box, and Damaged.

  • Like New: Is designated when M@C Discount staff deems the item represents a condition substantially equal to a new item. Upon your inspection when picking it up, it is instantly returnable for full credit before you leave the premises.
  • Open Box: Is designated if the item has been opened and M@C Discount staff cannot guarantee that it is complete or in working condition. Electronic items are confirmed that they will at least power on.
  • Damaged: Is designated when M@C Discount staff finds one or more defects in the item. Findings are briefly noted in the description.

Items labeled Open Box or Damaged may be inspected at any of the times shown for inspection in the auction listing. If an item is labeled Like New and in its original packaging, inspection is not allowed until you purchase the item. You may fully inspect it at pick up and may request a refund at that time.

M@C Discount now offers Buyers Assurance, which is actual insurance on an item. It is offered at an additional fee. This allows a bidder to return an item within 5 days of purchase.

“When bidding the bidder acknowledges responsibility to accept the item according to the return policy,” Beaver Falls Manager said.

What if I cannot pick up an item?

If the item has been won at a location where it is inconvenient to pick it up in the 3-day time period, there are other options:

Customers may request a transfer to a more convenient location for which there is a nominal charge.
Customers may pay to “hold” the item at its current location until the next Friday, to allow you time to get it yourself.

Smaller item may be eligible to be delivered by a third-party delivery partner at a cost to be determined based upon item quantities, sizes, weights, and distance to delivery location.

To learn more about how the process or if you have any questions, the Beaver Falls Manager invites the public to stop in at the facility.

Hours: Monday-Friday, Noon to 6 p.m. The facilities are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Members can remove items 2 hours early beginning at 10 a.m., Monday-Friday.

Follow M@C on Facebook: and Twitter: @Mac_Discount_.

M@C Discount, Local Online Auction, Offers Deeply Discounted Merchandise – Ellwood City, PA news (2024)


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