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We appreciate the insights provided by highly knowledgeable professionals and specialists in their respective fields. It is often necessary to obtain reports from specialists including GP's, orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists, vocational experts, forensic accountants, occupational therapists, psychiatrists / psychologists and engineers. Such reports can be invaluable in fortifying the merits of your case.

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"I would like to pass on my thanks to Padraic, Lauren, Grainne and anyone who has worked on my case from the beginning. You have all been so amazing and I am thrilled with how today went. I’m so thankful for all the advice and believing in me when at times I may have wanted to take whatever offer the other side made to just try move on."

Stacey, Personal Injuries

"Bryan Murtagh at Ferry Solicitors was highly professional, caring and responsive throughout the legal process. He kept me informed each step of the way. He was easy to talk to and guided me to achieve a favourable outcome. Thank You Bryan."

Janice, Personal Injuries

“Joseph looked after my personal injury* case. He is brilliant and his attention to detail and communication is outstanding. Thank you.”

Anna, Personal Injuries

“I was very well looked after by Ciara in my injury case. She's an excellent solicitor and helped me throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Ciara and Ferrys solicitors."

Michael, Personal Injuries

“Bryan was brilliant with my case, he explained everything and I always felt confident with the Ferrys team. They are excellent solicitors."

Barry, Personal Injuries

"The Solicitor I dealt with in my case Deborah was brilliant. She explained everything to me and my family and always kept me updated with what was going on in my case."

Patricia, Personal Injuries

"I can not thank Ferrys enough for all their help with my accident at work. The huge company I worked for could not have been more awkward and difficult to deal with but that was not a problem for Deborah and staff."

John, Personal Injuries

"Ferrys Solicitors LLP genuinely looked after my best Interests and Padraic was excellent in his handling of my case. I was kept informed at all stages of the process. I highly recommend Ferrys."

Peter, Personal Injuries

“I have dealt with Ferrys Solicitors LLP on numerous occasions and would highly recommend them. They made the process less stressful than it needed to be and always kept me informed.”

Andy, Personal Injuries

"No Win No Fee" explained

The term “no win no fee” refers to an agreement between clients and solicitors whereby, unless the case is successful, the solicitor will not charge for their services. Legal fees will only be applicable in the event of a successful outcome either through an out of court settlement or in court.

This arrangement serves the interests of some claimants by facilitating their pursuit of a legal claim irrespective of their financial circ*mstances or legal knowledge.

All solicitors in this jurisdiction are regulated by The Law Society of Ireland. The regulations stipulate specific guidelines on how solicitors may advertise their services. As outlined above, solicitors may enter no win no fee arrangements however, they may not advertise "no win no fee" services.

Websites advertising such services are often completely unregulated and should be avoided. Solicitors who advertise "no win no fee" services are in breach of the Law Society Regulations. The "no win no fee" arrangement can vary among solicitors, it is therefore recommended to have a full discussion about your case with your solicitor during the initial consultation.

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Personal Injury Solicitors | Dublin (2024)


What is the limitation period for personal injury? ›

Claims in contract usually have to be brought within 6 years and claims in tort (the law relating to personal injury and medical negligence) usually have to brought within 3 years. Some contracts try to reduce the length of time before limitation expires.

What is compensation for a personal injury? ›

There are two parts to a personal injury compensation settlement: General Damages – to compensate you for your injury and for your pain and suffering. Special Damages – to compensate you for any expenses you've incurred, loss of earnings, and your future care needs.

What is a letter of claim for personal injury? ›

Personal Injury: Letter of Claim. When someone makes a formal claim for personal injury compensation, they will need to send a 'letter of claim'. This essentially sets out the background leading up to the claim, and the injuries sustained.

What is the longest you can wait to sue someone? ›

Common statutes of limitations: Personal injury: 2 years from the injury. Breach of a written contract: 4 years from the date the contract was broken. Breach of an oral contract: 2 years from the date the contract was broken.

How long do you have to sue in New Jersey? ›

The General Rule: Two Years From the Date You Were Injured

For most New Jersey personal injury cases, you have two years to file your lawsuit. (N.J. Stat. § 2A:14-2(a) (2024).) The clock probably starts on the date you were injured.

What is the average payout for a personal injury claim USA? ›

An average personal injury settlement amount is anywhere between $3,000 and $75,000. Be careful when using an average personal injury settlement calculator to give you an idea of what you may stand to collect. These numbers really depend on your individual case and are hard to predict without a professional.

What is the success fee for personal injury? ›

Usually, you'll pay a percentage of any settlement you are paid. When making a personal injury claim using a type of No Win No Fee agreement called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), the success fee is capped at 25%.

How do you get paid when injured? ›

After being injured at work, you have the right to seek benefits from your employer's workers' compensation insurance. While workers' comp may not pay the full amount you were making before, it should cover a portion of your weekly pay, and you may be able to seek higher compensation through a settlement.

What is a demand letter in a personal injury case? ›

A personal injury demand letter is sent to the insurance company or other financially responsible party demanding either payment or the beginning of settlement negotiations for the dispute. The letter should outline the circ*mstances surrounding your client's injury, as well as how the other party is responsible.

What is personal injury benefit? ›

However, few people realise that as the driver at fault, their motor insurance policy often provides minimal cover if they are the one killed or seriously injured. The Personal Injury Benefit therefore provides the at-fault driver with additional financial benefits to help bridge this gap.

Is there a time limit on claiming compensation? ›

As set out above, the LAA provides that any claim for damages for personal injury must be brought within 3 years from the time the cause of action arose. In cases where the cause of action requires proof of damage (for example, negligence) then the limitation period commences at the time the injury was first suffered.

What is the limitation for bodily injury? ›

For an adult that has been injured in a motor vehicle collision or slip-and-fall, that means that your limitation is 2 years from the date of the accident and you must file a civil claim before that date expires. If you do not file a claim before your limitation period expires, you may not be able to make a claim.

What is the limitation of liability for bodily injury? ›

Minimum Bodily Injury Liability Limits

$15,000 for the death or injury of any one person. If one person is injured in the accident, your coverage pays up to $15,000.

What are limitation periods for claims? ›

A limitation period is the period of time within which a party to a contract or a party who has suffered damages as a result of another party's conduct, must bring a claim. The Limitation Act 1980 sets out the applicable time limits depending on the type of claim being made.


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