The Complete Guide to Owning a Q-Redew Hair Steamer (2024)

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There are many demos and first impressions of the Q-Redew. It’s often referred to as a handheld hair steamer. While that’s true, it’s official name is the Q-Redew Hair Vapor Wand. For the purpose of this video, I will refer to it as Q-Redew or handheld hair steamer. You’ll find all the Q-Redew hair steamer tips you’ll ever need.

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There’s some things about this unit I wish I knew that go beyond the manufacturers instructions. In this post I will share additional tips that go beyond demonstrating how to use the Q-Redew. Initially I was going to break this up into more than 1 article but decided I’ll just include all you need to know about the Q-Redew right here in one place.

Before getting to the Q-Redew tips, allow me to share a brief overview of my experience with the unit. You’ll also discover the many benefits of using the Q-Redew on your hair in this guide.

However, if you want to just jump around, you will find links to the specific Q-Redew hair steamer tips below (although I highly recommend you read this Q-Redew guide in order).

Most Important Maintenance

Cleaning Your Q-Redew

Storing Your Q-Redew


For starters, I’ve been using the Q-Redew hair steamer for several years. I basically purchased it shortly after it was made popular on the market. I’ve also discovered that this hair steamer is super versatile.

Benefits of Using the Q-Redew

There’s quite a few benefits that the Q-Redew can provide your hair with if you will just put it to use.

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If you’ve seen videos of people using the Q-Redew Hair Vapor Wand, you typically see it being used in one way. However, there’s more than a few ways you can use the unit to benefit your hair:

  • Aid in detangling dry hair. When your hair is dry, it’s very prone to breaking when detangling. It doesn’t matter if you are using your fingers or a comb/brush. Steaming your hair will allow you to manipulate it easier for detangling. The Q-Redew does a great job of softening your hair to make detangling a breeze.
  • Open the hair’s cuticles so that your pre-poo can easier penetrate your strands (more on this in the Usage section).
  • Moisturizing dry hair. This method is great. All you have to do is steam your hair in sections. After each steaming, seal in that moisture with a lightweight oil/cream moisturizer or heavy butter. What you use will depend on your hair type.
  • Reducing frizz. Frizzy hair is typically hair lacking in moisture. Steam it and smooth it. Problem solved.
  • Elongate hair. This may seem counter intuitive since the Q-Redew adds moisture to your hair. Moisture usually equals shrinkage. However, in this case, you are lightly steaming and manually stretching your hair with your hands. Your hair will dry in seconds before that stretch is able to revert back to shrunken hair.
  • Reshape curls. Sometimes you just need a little help “manipulating” your curls into place. The Q-Redew will help you out with that.

Caring for Your Q-Redew

Most Important Maintenance Tips

Before you even begin using your Q-Redew hair steamer, you want to know the most important maintenance tips. Using it is the easiest part. Maintaining it requires some extra knowledge.

Most Important maintenance tips:

  • Only use distilled water. Minerals from tap water will damage the unit. It doesn’t matter if your municipality says they have eliminated all minerals from the water (which you should take with a grain of salt). You need to protect your unit by only using distilled water. It can be purchased for $1-$2 a gallon (check your local supermarket, Walmart or Target)
  • Do not add any oils or anything else to the unit. You will damage it irreparably. It would be worst than getting mineral build up, if you used tap water.

Troubleshooting Q-Redew

Does your hair vapor wand seem to be clogging or the steam isn’t flowing out freely? Sometimes things happen. Or, perhaps you used tap water before you realized you shouldn’t.

Here are some steps to get that steam flowing again:

  1. Remove the water reservoir and fill part way with distilled vinegar to it.
  2. Dilute by adding a bit of distilled water.
  3. Re-attach the reservoir to the Q-Redew.
  4. Plug in and run the unit after the light begins to blink steadily.
  5. Pull the trigger, allowing the motor to run for about a minute. This will allow the vinegar solution time to reach areas where there may be build up.
  6. If unit begins to steam freely again, remove the reservoir and empty. Then, refill with distilled water before using.
  7. If Q-Redew is still not producing consistent steam, unplug it and allow it to sit with the vinegar/water solution overnight.
  8. The next morning, reheat and try pulling the trigger again. You may need to repeat the vinegar solution process a couple of times.

Your last resort is to reach out to the manufacturer. Depending on how long you’ve had your unit, it could still be in warranty. Click here to read: Q-Redew’s warranty policy

Cleaning Q-Redew

For optimal usage, you want to make sure you keep your Q-Redew hair steamer clean. Natural oils from your hair and residue from any products used can build up on the unit.

Here are some tips for cleaning Q-Redew:

  • Never immerse the unit in water
  • Use a gentle microfiber cloth, spray a gentle all purpose cleaner onto it (not onto the device) and wipe clean.
  • Use cotton swabs to reach small spaces, cracks and grooves on the unit.
  • For stubborn build up (if you’ve been neglectful), use a bit of degreaser spray instead of the all purpose cleaner

Q-Redew Storage

When it’s time to put away your Q-Redew hair vapor wand, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  • Empty the water chamber if you’re not going to use the unit for a while (more than a week). Even though it’s distilled water, who knows what kind of contaminants can develop while sitting for a long period of time.
  • Do not wrap the cord around the steamer. Wrapping it causes unnecessary wear and tear on the cord. Simply, fold it. I store mine in a basket in my linen closet.
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Using Your Q-Redew Effectively

Now that you know how to carefully protect and store your Q-Redew, below are some tips for using it effectively:

  • Remove and fill the water chamber with the distilled water. Don’t overfill. Leave a little space at the top so when it’s closed, water won’t leak.
  • Make sure the water chamber is snapped completely into the steamer and there’s no gapping. Otherwise, the steam function won’t work properly.
  • It only takes a few seconds for the unit to heat up. When the light is finished blinking, it’s ready for use.
  • Angle the Q-Redew away from your scalp or you will get burned. In my first year of use, I burned myself at least three times because I was being over zealous with steaming.
  • For a thorough steam session, always steam in sections. The thicker your hair, the smaller your sections will need to be. When I’m done steaming, I usually have 6 twisted sections because I have fine medium density hair.
  • The more tangled or thicker your hair is, the smaller your sections should be.
  • Use on dry or damp hair. You don’t want to use the unit on soaking wet hair. If using on dry hair, you won’t get shrinkage because your hair will dry quickly. However, if you want an effective pre-poo, you can spritz your hair with a little water to dampen it. Then, you can steam your hair and apply whatever your pre-poo mix is. The steaming effect will allow your hair to absorb the treatment much better.
  • Remember I said no oils in the unit? Well, right after steaming your hair, you can apply a light oil to seal in moisture.

Styling tips

The Complete Guide to Owning a Q-Redew Hair Steamer (5)

Not ready to wash your hair?

If you’ve styled your hair with water soluble products, they will be reactivated with the steam. generated from Q-Redew. Hey, that’s actually another benefit not listed above. A money savings benefit too!

Revive an old wash and go by using the Q-Redew to breathe new life into your curls.

Lastly, use on “lived in” curls with your head upside down for a bit of lift – volume baby!

You’ll find tutorials of the Q-Redew in action on various hair types and curl patterns here.


I hope you’ve found the Q-Redew hair steamer tips in this guide useful. This handheld hair steamer was created with curly girls in mind but it doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight. Everyone can benefit from using it. Q-Redew will aid in softening and hydrating the driest of tresses so that your hair is pliable, easy to detangle and primed for conditioning.

To purchase a Q-Redew, visit directly or purchase on Amazon.

The Complete Guide to Owning a Q-Redew Hair Steamer (6)Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steam...Shop on Amazon


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The Complete Guide to Owning a Q-Redew Hair Steamer (2024)


What are the benefits of Q-Redew? ›

The Q-Redew steam can be beneficial for high porosity hair to detangle, stretch, restyle and reshape without the need to saturate the hair with water. The softening and warming of the hair with the steam provide enough moisture to safely and effectively manipulate the hair.

What are the disadvantages of hair steamer? ›

Sitting under a steamer for way longer than recommended won't make your products work even better, unfortunately. On the contrary, exposing your hair to the steam for too long can damage your hair. You don't want to exceed 30 minutes of steam time, so make sure to break out a timer.

How long should you sit under a hair steamer? ›

You should allow enough time for the cuticles to open up and the conditioning products to penetrate the hair. In general for straight, relaxed hair, a session of around 15 to 20 minutes under the steamer should be good enough. You might want a session of 30 minutes in case you have frizzy hair that looks thirsty.

Is Q-Redew worth it? ›

Worth every penny!

I purchased my Q-Redew steamer in 2016 because of a recommendation from a friend. Not only has it been a staple in my natural hair journey but it lasted me 6 years until it finally gave out. I will definitely be purchasing another one soon and recommend it for anyone who is natural.

How do you use a Q steamer? ›

For handheld steamers, you need to press the steam button to release steam. Upright steamers will produce steam continuously. Once the steamer is producing steam, move the steamer against the fabric in any direction, top to bottom or sideways. The important thing is that you hold the steamer against the fabric.

Is steam good for thinning hair? ›

Your hair might face problems like thinning, breakage and split ends. However, when adequately supplied with nourishment, such problems do not arise. Steaming your hair helps your hair grow back quicker and much stronger as well.

Is it necessary to wash hair after steaming? ›

Steaming hair keeps your scalp clean and healthy. The warm steam helps loosen dirt, grime and dead skin cells on the scalp. So shampooing after hair steaming enhances the cleansing process. A mild, herbal shampoo is best for hair that has been steamed.

Is it okay to steam your hair every day? ›

Instead keep it open and let the heat do its work. Steaming can be so good that it can get addictive. However, anything more than once a week will do more harm than good. Over moisturising can make hair limp and prone to breakage.

What should I put on my hair before steaming? ›

(1) Applying oil or hydrating products is an excellent idea for effective steaming as it adds much-needed moisture to the scalp. Steaming the hair is a great hair ritual as it lifts the hair cuticle to let products seep deep into the hair shaft to help repair hair damage and promote hair growth.

Does steam thicken hair? ›

Often when your hair is thinning or lacking life, a head massage is often recommended to increase blood flow in your scalp. The same is true with steaming. The moist heat encourages blood flow, which in turn helps your hair to retain moisture, increase softness and stimulates growth.

Should I wear a cap when I steam my hair? ›

Covering your hair with a plastic cap is one of the worse things you can do. You want your hair to be exposed directly to the moist heat. Allow your hair to feel the steam so that the conditioner can penetrate and work effectively.

How do you use steaming method? ›

Here's how to steam food properly:
  1. Fill a pot with 1-2 inches of water.
  2. Place the steamer basket or insert over the pot.
  3. Add the food you want to steam to the basket or insert.
  4. Cover the pot with a lid and turn on the heat to medium-low.
  5. Allow the food to steam for the recommended time.
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