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Are you someone who cannot afford to miss any information related to the latest Malayalam movies? Well, then welcome to the ultimate destination, where you could know everything about the latest Malayalam movies. In this segment, we provide a list of the top 20 Malayalam movies released in 2021. This list might also help you to decide on which film to revisit. Scroll down!

1Ellam Sheriyakum (2021)4.0/5Star: Asif Ali,Rajisha Vijayan,Siddique,Balu VargheseEllam Sheriyakum does not support any ideology, but shows a mirror to the problems in both political parties, and is not pedantic while doing so
2Vellam, The Essential Drink (2021)4.0/5Star: Jayasurya,Samyuktha MenonMurali ignores the people around him who struggle due to his unhealthy use of alcohol. A young and energetic man, who is supposed to have a happy life with his parents, wife and child, mostly sleeps on the streets. How long will people who love him tolerate this?
3Kunjeldho (2021)3.5/5Star: Asif Ali,Vineeth Sreenivasan,Siddique,Roopesh PeethambaranA campus romance and coming-of-age story
4Bheemante Vazhi (2021)3.5/5Star: Kunchacko Boban,Chemban Vinod Jose,Suraj Venjaramoodu,Jinu Joseph,Nirmal Palazhi,Shabareesh VarmaDirector Ashraf Hamza breathes life into Chemban Vinod’s charming script and brings his gentle touch to the film
5Jan.E.Man (2021)3.5/5Star: Lal,Arjun Ashokan,Balu Varghese,Basil Joseph,Ria Saira,Chembil Ashokan,Prashanth MuraliThis is a film that will make you both laugh and cry at the same time, offering insights into the meaning of happiness, togetherness, friendship and more.
6Kurup (2021)3.5/5Star: Dulquer Salmaan,Sobhita Dhulipala,Indrajith Sukumaran,Shine Tom Chacko,Sunny WayneThe story is a tough one to tell, but the makers keep you on the edge of the seat, even when the narration goes back and forth in time to chart Kurup’s mysterious misdeeds
7Kho Kho (2021)3.5/5Star: Rajisha Vijayan,Venkitesh VP,Mamitha BaijuIn a state where we grew up admiring how coach Nambiar and his protégé Usha brought back athletic glory in truckloads, Kho Kho is a highly relatable tale of a talented athlete transferring her spark of desire onto the next generation
8Nayattu (2021)3.5/5Star: Joju George,Kunchacko Boban,Nimisha SajayanA couple of policeman get into a scuffle with the goon and throw him into the cell. The issue spins out of control however, when the three CPOs are caught in an accident
9Aanum Pennum (2021)3.5/5Star: Asif Ali,Indrajith Sukumaran,Joju George,Nedumudi Venu,Roshan Mathew,Samyuktha Menon,Basil Joseph,Kaviyoor PonnammaAanum Pennum plays mostly into the stereotype of an F-rated cinema. There is the "empowered" strong and bold woman at the face of a crisis most often created by a physically or socially mighty abusive man.
10Kala (2021)3.5/5Star: Tovino Thomas,Divya Pillai,Lal,Sumesh MoorThough there is a lot of extreme action in the film, it ends on a different note and also offers the audience an intriguing message. The film can be a visual treat for those who love action movies.
11Vaanku (2021)3.5/5Star: Vineeth,Joy Mathew,Anaswara Rajan,Nandana VarmaAn interesting thought instilled in the minds of Raziya and her classmates by a teacher urges Raziya to reveal her biggest wish – to recite the azaan. And all hell breaks loose, predictably.
12Oru Thathvika Avalokanam (2021)3.0/5Star: Joju George,Aju Varghese,Abhirami,Shammi Thilakan,Major Ravi,PrasanthWhile the movie effectively pokes fun at political parties and their antics and elicits abundant laughter through the same, its proceedings, after a point, are too old school and cinematic to have an effect
13Meow (2021)3.0/5Star: Soubin Shahir,Mamta Mohandas,Salim KumarThe film brings in messages about tolerance of other religions and communities, and also about not stifling children
14Michael's Coffee House (2021)3.0/5Star: Dheeraj Denny,Renji Panicker,Spadikam George,Jins Baskar,Mohan Sharma,Pradeep Kottayam,Sinoj Varghese,SeethaJisso Jose's powerful script keeps the audience keen about the suspense, which is nicely knitted in with family ties and the emotions
15Aaha ()3.0/5Star: Indrajith Sukumaran,Ashwin Kumar,Manoj K. Jayan,Sidhartha Siva,Amith Chakalakkal
16Anugraheethan Antony (2021)3.0/5Star: Sunny Wayne,Gouri G Kishan,Indrans,Suraj Venjaramoodu,Baiju Santhosh,Prashanth Alexander,Jaffer IdukkiAntony's father believes he is a good-for-nothing person and buys two dogs and raises them as his children. The whole scenario irks Antony. The movie is about how his life changes
17Aarkkariyam (2021)3.0/5Star: Biju Menon,Parvathy,Sharafudheen,Saiju KurupThe story progresses at a slow-breathing pace, piecing together the kind of montages that most people have experienced during the lockdown
18One (2021)3.0/5Star: Mammootty,Murali Gopy,Joju George,Nimisha Sajayan,Salim Kumar,Jagadish,Siddique,Gayathri ArunAlthough One is built around a power struggle, the main focus of the movie is the Chief Minister - his personal and professional lives.
19Mohan Kumar Fans (2021)3.0/5Star: Kunchacko Boban,Anarkali Nazar,Siddique,Asif Ali,Sreenivasan,Ramesh Pisharody,Vinay Forrt,Sethu Lakshmi,Saiju KurupAs a film about the film industry, the movie’s approach is realistic and also gently touches upon the latest trends of manufacturing one’s ‘viral’ moment and crafting a social media persona
20Varthamanam (2021)3.0/5Star: Parvathy,Roshan Mathew,Siddique,Dain DavisResearch student Faiza Sufiya's secular ideals put her at loggerheads with fundamentalists from not only from her community, but also from Hindutva proponents. The events that follow remind us of the news we watch, read and hear all too frequently around us.
Top 20  Malayalam Movies of 2021 | Best  Malayalam Films 2021 - Times of India (2024)


Top 20 Malayalam Movies of 2021 | Best Malayalam Films 2021 - Times of India? ›

“What makes Malayalam cinema unique is that we make small, realistic films that are very rooted in our culture. And I don't think we should aim for big-scale films just because they are working in other industries. Even Manjummel Boys, for that matter, resonated with a large audience because of its rootedness.

Why Malayalam movies are the best in India? ›

“What makes Malayalam cinema unique is that we make small, realistic films that are very rooted in our culture. And I don't think we should aim for big-scale films just because they are working in other industries. Even Manjummel Boys, for that matter, resonated with a large audience because of its rootedness.

Which is the most hit movie in Kerala? ›

Top 10 Highest Grossing Malayalam Films
  • Pulimurugan (2016) - Rs. 151 Cr.
  • Lucifer (2019) - Rs. 126. 25 Cr.
  • Premalu (2024) - Rs. 117 Cr.
  • Neru (2023) - Rs. 84.50 Cr.
  • Bheeshma Parvam (2022) - Rs. 81.25 Cr.
  • RDX (2023) - Rs. 81 Cr.
  • Kannur Squad (2023) - Rs. 80 Cr.
  • Kurup (2021) - Rs. 80 Cr.
Mar 19, 2024

What is the Malayalam movie industry in India? ›

Malayalam cinema has so far contributed 20 per cent of India's total gross collection in 2024, while Bollywood has contributed only 38 per cent. Remarkably, five of the top ten highest-grossing films in Mollywood's history — Manjummel Boys, Aadujeevitham, Aavesham, Premalu and Bramayugam — were released in 2024.

Which is the world record Malayalam movie? ›

Manjummel Boys directed by Chidambaram, has become the first Malayalam film to collect ₹200 crore at the box office. The film has broken the ₹150 crore record held by Jude Anthany Joseph in 2018. Aadujeevitham was another movie that made it to the ₹200 crore club.

Who is the best actor in the Malayalam film industry? ›

This given by the Filmfare magazine as part of its annual Filmfare Awards South for performers in Malayalam cinema. The award was first given in 1972. The 2022 winner of the award is Biju Menon. As of 2021, Mammootty leads the list with 12 wins.

Who is the king of Kerala film industry? ›

Mohanlal Viswanathan (IPA: [moːhɐnlaːl ʋiʃʋʷɐn̪aːt̪ʰɐn]; born 21 May 1960) is an Indian actor, film producer, playback singer, film distributor, and director who predominantly works in Malayalam film industry besides also having sporadically appeared in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada films.

Who is the biggest star in Malayalam film industry? ›

1. Mohanlal. Mohanlal was born to Viswanathan Nair (father) and Santhakumari (mother) in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, which is located in the southern part of India on the 21st May 1960. Starting his career with a classic villain role, he has now become an outstanding actor in Malayalam Cinema.

Who is the father of Malayalam film industry? ›

Joseph Chellayya Daniel Nadar (25 November 1900 – 27 April 1975) was an Indian filmmaker who is considered the father of Malayalam cinema. He was the first filmmaker from Kerala. He produced, directed, wrote, photographed, edited and acted in the first film made in Kerala, Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child).

Who is the legend of Malayalam film industry? ›

1. Mammootty. Malayalam film actor Mammootty was born to Ismail (an agriculturist) and Fatima (a homemaker).

Who is the fastest 50 Cr movie in Mollywood? ›

Fastest Mollywood Films To Cross 50 Cr Club WorldWide. 1 #Aadujeevitham : 4 Days✅ 2 #Lucifer : 4 Days. 3 #Bheeshmaparvam : 5 Days.

Which film industry is better in India? ›

As of 2022, Telugu cinema leads Indian cinema's box-office revenue. Indian cinema is a global enterprise, and its films have attracted international attention and acclaim throughout South Asia.

What is Malayalam Cinema known for? ›

The Malayalam film industry, known for setting new benchmarks in Indian cinema, has inspired another trend. Actors, who are less than 25 years of age, are big box office stars today in the Malayalam industry. New directors have made refreshing films with these young talents in the last 5 years.


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