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  • Hey guys, thanks for having me. If you use Strat Talk and Squier Talk, you may know me from my username. I’m from western Germany and my very first guitar was an Epi LP Special I. I used to play mainly solid body electrics, but lately I’ve been diggin my Epiphone semi hollows more than...

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Squier Talk (2024)


Do any famous musicians play a Squier? ›

Jeff Healey played Japanese-made JV and Contemporary Squier guitars most of his career. He believed that they were superior to the US Fenders at the time. Jack Pearson used to play with the Allman Brothers Band and he plays a Squier most of the time. John Mayall was also known to play one at times.

Can a Squier sound as good as a Fender? ›

Fender vs Squier: Sounds & tones

They're made in the Far East and most of them are made using cheaper components. The pickups and hardware aren't quite up to the same quality, which in turn affects how the instruments sound and feel.

Why are Fender Squiers so cheap? ›

Several factors make their prices vary greatly. Squiers are typically made of less expensive materials. Second, Squiers are usually manufactured in countries with less costly labor, such as China or Indonesia. On the other hand, Fender is made with expensive labor in American factories.

Are Squiers hard to play? ›

The Squier Standard Stratocaster is a great playing guitar with a traditional vibe and modern feel. This version also touts an elegantly figured flame maple top to set it apart from the pack. Player-friendly features like a 22-fret fingerboard and a slimmer neck make for easier playing and choke-free bends.

Do pros use squires? ›

If you find a good Squier, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't use it professionally, but you don't see them very often with name bands. Yes they do, and they are suitable for such a task. I know people who personally gig with Squiers.

What is the most expensive Squier? ›

A Fender Squier Stratocaster once owned by the late George Harrison brought $29,384 at a Cooper Owen auction held at London's Hard Rock Café last night (see News Desk story from October 20, 2003).

Is it worth getting a Fender over a Squier? ›

The Squiers aren't quite up to the same standard as the Fenders. Many of the components used to make the Fender guitars tend to result in an instrument that resonates more. Most Squiers are made using cheaper woods, pickups and hardware – a saving that is then passed on to you.

Can you play metal on a Fender Squier? ›

Yes, it can. Lots of great players use a Strat for metal.

What does "squier" mean in guitar? ›

Squier is an American brand of electric guitars owned by Fender. The former manufacturing company, established as "V. C. Squier Company" was founded in 1890 by Victor Carroll Squier in Battle Creek, Michigan, producing strings for violins, banjos, and guitars. In 1965, the company was acquired by Fender.

Who builds Squier guitars? ›

Under the Squier brand, Fender makes less expensive versions of its popular Stratocaster and Telecaster models, among others. Originally a string manufacturing company for violins, banjos, and guitars, Fender acquired Squier in 1965 and began producing Squier guitars in 1982.

Are Fender Squiers made in China? ›

Yako was established in 1993, was headquartered in Taiwan, and had factories there and on the mainland. Early plant management was all from Taiwan, but Squier instruments were built in the factory located in Zhangzhou, in southeastern China, about 300 kilometers from Hong Kong.

How long do Squier guitars last? ›

Many of them will last for decades! Overall, they are owned by Fender, which is a brand with high-quality standards and a reputation to uphold. Fender wouldn't let one of their subsidiaries produce junk guitars, so you should expect any Squier to last a decent amount of time.

Do any famous guitarists use Squier? ›

Legendary blues, rock, and jazz guitarist Jeff Healey was also known to frequently use Squiers in both his studio and touring rig. Although having a range of makes and models of guitars to choose from, he always found himself going back to Squiers.

Why do Squiers have 21 frets? ›

How do you benefit from 21 frets? You get that much-coveted vintage tone from both the neck pickup and middle position, if you've got one. The deeper sound of the neck pickup is even more noticeable than on a guitar with 22 frets. If you enjoyed this article, check out some of our other Labs blogs!

What is the best Squier for beginner? ›

Successor to the immensely popular Squier Bullet Strat, the Squier Sonic Stratocaster HT is the perfect instrument for beginner players looking to take their first steps. Rock solid build quality with consistent performance and a very low price make it an absolute standout in the Squier range.

Are Squier guitars good for professionals? ›

Squier is the designated budget brand for one of the world's most famous guitar manufacturers in Fender, but that doesn't mean they are a brand that's only for beginners. The best Squier guitars are quality instruments in their own right, more than worthy of their place in the pantheon of great guitars.

Who plays a squire Strat? ›

Mike Rutherford and Squier Bullets.

Are Squiers good enough? ›

The squier is a perfect entry level electric. Squiers are generally really good guitars, and not just for beginners either.

What guitars do famous musicians use? ›

10 Most Famous Guitars and Their Rockstar Owners
  • Gibson 'Greeny' Les Paul - Peter Green/Gary Moore/Kirk Hammett. ...
  • Red Special - Brian May. ...
  • Frankenstein - Eddie Van Halen. ...
  • The Monterey Strat - Jimi Hendrix. ...
  • The Black Strat - David Gilmour. ...
  • 'Number One' Stratocaster - Stevie Ray Vaughan. ...
  • Evo - Steve Vai.
Oct 9, 2023


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